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Monday, July 18, 2011

Paul Baumgardner, July 18

My week has included great progress, both in Los Angeles service-learning and in my constitutional research. The new film is going well: me and two other CRF employees have scripted the educational video and are now preparing to shoot footage. I wrote the script, and made sure to include social studies benchmarks for California and surrounding states. Because of my knowledge of CAP, the civic engagement program that my organization is using to increase government studies across America's high schools, I have also been chosen to represent the Constitutional Rights Foundation at a nation's largest service-learning conference in April!

My constitutional research is going equally well. I just conducted an interview with the head archaeologist in the case that I am studying. Based on her recommendation, I have also set up two more interviews with Native American leaders. I am leaving tomorrow to do field research and conduct interviews in northern California!

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