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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lindsey Warner, July 15

This summer has been one huge lesson on responsibility. Living in a city outside of Baylor world where I am responsible for being an active citizen and for paying lots of bills and for arriving to work on time and then making sure I get my work done once I get here. It’s all part of growing up and has been the most wonderful and safe way to dip my feet into Post Grad world. More than these responsibilities, I have also been learning what it truly means to be a “global citizen.” I first heard this term in May when I was studying abroad in Rwanda from my new friend Stephen who I met working at the hotel where I was a guest. He used the phrase throughout our brief conversation and when I had to run off, he shook my hand saying “we met as strangers but leave as friends.”
This instilled a new responsibility in me, the responsibility to be a global citizen. This is something I never really thought of until that meeting. I always felt the responsibility to be a good daughter and sister and friend, even student but never really thought of myself as a citizen of this much bigger place I live in. I have become pretty passionate about the responsibility we all have as global citizens. As trendy as it may be to purchase eco-friendly products or “go green,” it means a lot more when the decision to be a conscious consumer is because you have a desire to fulfill a responsibility as a global citizen, and to help your fellow man more than to buy into the latest trend. Responsibility like deadlines, meetings, goals to follow through with can sometimes be scary. But it’s so hard to remember in all of the busy-ness that we as interns are involved in that we are fulfilling a much greater responsibility to be a global citizen.

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