This blog will highlight Baylor students participating in 8-10 week summer internships with established non-profit organizations and civic groups. Students are chosen for their commitment to create systemic social change and for their ability to connect their placement to their discipline of study. These are the future movers and shakers of the non profit and for profit world. Join the dialogue.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Marissa Moschetta, July 18

I really can’t believe that my time at the BGACDC is quickly coming to a close. I only have eight days of work left! It really blows my mind that time can crawl and go by so rapidly all at the same time. Part of me is obviously ready to go home and see my friends and family, but part of me is really going to miss my time here. I have learned a lot about the world of non profits, a lot about community, and a lot about myself. One of my projects has been to help host a “Policy Café” run by the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families-basically a community meeting focusing on teaching the residents how to be better child advocates. Long story short, it fell through and I spent a couple days being upset and really wanting to contribute. One of the hot topics here at the BGACDC is the lack of parental involvement, and a pretty layered issue. Although I can’t fix the problems going on, I decided that it would be beneficial to research the effectiveness of summer and after school programs to make a presentation to show to the parents and community here. Hopefully we will be able to host a community meeting to discuss the issues, but attendance is the precise problem, so we shall see if it works out. Even if recruitment isn’t successful, at least they will have all the information to present at a later date.  I’m excited to get to contribute in a tangible way!

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