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Monday, June 27, 2011

Melissa Casserly and Tania Sullivan - June 20, 2011

·       Today we are installing the herb garden! Our circular bed will have a star pattern with lots of herbs like chives, rosemary, parsley and lots of fun textures and scents so get excited!

·       We will also be putting some peppers in the herb garden to have a little pop of color in the middle of the herb sections.
·       We are coming to the end of the harvesting for chard so we will be turning that bed to prepare it for the next crop.
We also have plans to fill the other two recently empty beds, some of the plants that we have in mind are turnips (so we can also donate the greens) and sweet potatoes which we will grow from slips!
·       TIP: find a local nursery to walk through and spend some time with their staff, they will give you some extra insight on your choices and is much more personal than just buying a package of seeds!

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