This blog will highlight Baylor students participating in 8-10 week summer internships with established non-profit organizations and civic groups. Students are chosen for their commitment to create systemic social change and for their ability to connect their placement to their discipline of study. These are the future movers and shakers of the non profit and for profit world. Join the dialogue.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Marissa Moschetta – June 20, 2011

The first few weeks of my internship have been quite an adjustment for me, in the best of ways. Marvell’s population of 1, 168 is quite the contrast to Waco, or anywhere I have lived for that matter. People notice the presence of us interns here, even in neighboring Helena. I chose this internship because I wanted to be truly integrated in the impoverished community I work in, and that is already proving to be the case. My role at my internship may not be as hands-on as I thought, but living in such a small community gives me the opportunity to make those connections myself.  It would be easy to come into this non-profit and get frustrated its inefficiency that is stereotypically associated with the field, but there is a broader viewpoint to have than that. I have found that it is important to appreciate the organization as whole and have a hopeful perspective. There may be apparent difficulties, but the reality is that Marvell, AR would look starkly different without the presence of the BGACDC and I am happy to be a part of the work they are doing!

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