This blog will highlight Baylor students participating in 8-10 week summer internships with established non-profit organizations and civic groups. Students are chosen for their commitment to create systemic social change and for their ability to connect their placement to their discipline of study. These are the future movers and shakers of the non profit and for profit world. Join the dialogue.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Paul Baumgardner, August 1

This past week, I concluded shooting the last educational video for the Constitutional Rights Foundation. The video provides students with humorous vignettes that explain how to connect issues in their communities with policy actions. I will be doing some editing on the video this week so that CRF will be able to give the video to local high schools by the beginning of the year.
I am also filling out applications for the National Service-Learning Conference, because CRF would like to have me present their service-learning work at the national conference in April (I am excited for this opportunity).
My last responsibility before I leave will be finishing the last draft of "St. Augustine, and the Role of Religion in the State". This will be the headline article in the September edition of BILL OF RIGHTS IN ACTION, the Constitutional Rights Foundation's political science publication for public schools.

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